Polygel is a lightweight mix of acrylic and gel to help create extensions for you nails. There are a few different ways to apply it, and many different brands out there. In this post I will be sharing my thoughts on the French collection from Makartt!

In this particular kit, you get 6 tubes of o.5 fl oz of polygel including clear, bright white, dark pink, light pink, natural pink and misty rose. You also get a set of dual forms (which is one of the techniques to apply polygel), a nail file, base gel and top coat gel, and a dual sided tool to help you work with the polygel. 

1. To apply the polygel, you will want to start by prepping your nails. This means filing them down, ridding the nail bed of any residue and slightly buffing your natural nail to create a surface for the gel to stick to. 
2. Find the dual forms that fit your nails perfectly. You will want to make sure the dual form covers the entire nail completely, including the side walls.
3. Next, you will apply a layer of the base coat gel and will need cure it under a lamp. I have an LED lamp and cured it for 1 minute.
4. Now is time for the fun part! I used natural pink polygel for this set. Squeeze a little gel out of the tube and use the picker tool to get it off the tube. Then put the gel into the dual form and start using the brush on the other side of the tool to smooth the gel to the length desired. *note: to make sure your nail has an apex, leave the gel a little thicker towards the part near your cuticle and natural nail bed. 
5. Once the gel is smooth in the dual form, place it onto your nail. Then cure it in your lamp for the time noted in the instruction manual. For my LED lamp it was one minute.
6. After cured, you can pop off the dual form and you are left with you polygel extensions! 
7. Trim and file the nails as desired. 
8. Apply a layer of top coat gel and cure.
9. Optional: since I used the natural pink color, I was able to use whatever color I wanted to paint my nails. I decided to paint my nails pink and make this fun thumbnail for my video! The possibilities are endless!

With this being my first time working with polygels, I still have a lot to learn and recognized some mistakes along the way, but overall it was super fun and fairly easy for a beginner to work with! 

Want to see a video of how I created these nails, check it out here!


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