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Today I will be sharing my swatches and overall review of a new-to-me brand SPARITUAL. SPARITUAL is a vegan, hollistic clean beauty brand. I have 5 of their nail polishes to share with you in this post, but they have many self-care products on their website that you can access here

Their nail polish is vegan, cruelty-free and 13-free. It is considered one-step, meaning you would not need a base or top coat. The brush is nice and wide so you are able to paint your nails very easily. I wore the shade Save the Silence for 3 days last week without a base or top coat. The sheer color held up wonderfully. There were no chips, and it left my nails looking and feeling much healthier. I would say that I would want a top coat after a day or two because the shine does start to fade, and I love a nice shiny manicure. I do not yet know how the creme polishes hold up, but when I do test them out I will update this post! Let's see all the colors now!

Here are 2 coats of Sweetness. This is a stunning peach shade. I am addicted to peach polishes for the summer, so I was very excited about this one. It had an excellent formula. 

This is 2 coats of inner life, a light periwinkle blue shade. These are some of my favorite polish colors to wear and this one had an excellent formula. 

Shown is 2 coats of Save the Silence. This is a beautiful sheer polish that gives the effect of "your nails but better." This is the shade that I wore last week, just to give my nails some shine and provide a color corrected effect. It wore beautifully. 

Nature Bathing is a fun teal polish. Shown here are 2 coats. The formula was creamy and very easy to work with. 

Finally we have Mood Boost, a medium purple. This is 2 coats. Again, a great formula and wonderful color. 

I really loved these colors, and they have many more on their website to choose from. Personally, even though these are one-step colors, I would still likely use a top coat to give me the shine that I love. If you would like to see these polishes swatched live, check out my YouTube video here:


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