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If you love following nail accounts on Instagram, you have probably seen the hype surrounding this brand new collection. The bright colors are perfect for the coming summer season and Olive & June are known for their 7-free long lasting formula. So, do these polishes live up to the hype? Let's dive in and see!


Zeba is a lifestyle brand specializing in body celebration and self-love founded by Nabela Noor. The collaboration with Olive & June is a self-love celebration in mani form! Nabela is an activist and entrepreneur promoting body positivity and celebration. Combining the Zeba brand with Olive & June shades, the collection is the perfect way to spark self-expression. I know personally that painting my nails whatever color I want and doing fun nail art is a way to express myself creatively and I am so excited that this collection is fully embracing that! Also, for every nailfie that you take (a picture of your nails) with your favorite shade on and a heart drawn on your hand, Olive & June will donate $1 to the Professional Beauty Association COVID-19 relief fund. All you need to do is post your photo and tag @oliveandjune and @zeba on Instagram like this:


There are 7 bright shades in this collection. I was lucky enough to have been gifted the full studio box which includes a top coat, nail file, nail buffer, clean-up brush, nail clippers and cuticle balm. It also includes their acetone-free remover pot which I swear is magic. If you want to see a full unboxing and demo of the remover pot, head on over to my Instagram here and click the "unboxing' story highlight. The 7 shades in this collection are called:

Grateful & Kind - A pure pink that's all heart

Wild & Free - A fierce coral that's all fun
Sweet & Gracious - An energized orange that's up for anything
Bright & Focused - A beaming yellow that ignites creativity
Honest & True - A serene blue that's calm and centering
Bold & Unshaken - A bold purple that elevates every mood
Fierce & Loving - A fresh lilac that is unapologetically unique
(taken from oliveandjune.com)


Shown here are 2 coats of Grateful & Kind. I described this one as a Barbie bubblegum pink. I am not normally a big fan of pink but this one really caught me as beautiful. Not terribly unique to my polish collection, but a fun shade for summer for sure.


Here are 3 coats of Wild & Free. When I first saw press release images of this collection, this is the shade I was the most excited to swatch. It looked like a really unique polish shade and I knew I had nothing like this in my collection. I am a sucker for normal creme polishes, so finding a unique shade is something I am always after. I can't wait to start wearing this one this summer and the formula was fantastic!


Shown are 3 coats of Sweet & Gracious. This is a bright summer tangerine shade. I definitely do not have an orange quite like this in my collection. It is bright and daring which makes it fit into this collection perfectly.


Shown here are 3 coats of Bright & Focused, a gorgeous sunshine yellow! I mean can you say summer in a bottle?! This polish had a decent formula, and I am obsessed with yellows for summer.


This is such a calming blue shade! This is 3 coats of Honest & True. I think this is the perfect balance of brightness in a shade by being a little muted to make it more of a neutral shade for all occasions.


This may be my favorite in the collection. This is 3 coats of Bold & Unshaken, but it really only needed 2 to be completely opaque. I love that this is such a unique take on a purple shade and I really don't have anything like this in my collection.


Finally we have 3 coats of Fierce & Loving. This is a mix between pink and purple, making this beautiful lilac shade. I am really looking forward to encorporating this into my next skittle mani. 

Overall, if you couldn't tell, I really fell in love with this collection. I love the message that it sends and the shades are perfection! Want to see these polishes applied via live swatch? Check out my YouTube video here!


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