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In case you are unfamilar, I will give a brief overview of what dip nails are. Dip powder is an acrylic based powder. You use a glue-based bonder liquid that air dries as opposed to needing to be cured by UV or LED light like gel polishes. The powder provides added strength to your nails and gives long-lasting results. Personally, I love changing my nails too much to have just one color on my nails for an extended period of time. However, my sister loves getting dip nails and they last up to a month which works perfect for her needs. Everyone has their preferences!

Double Dip Nails is a small business located in Garland, Texas. They were kind enough to send me 3 of their summer powders to play with! If you use my code Elizabeth you can get 25% off your purchase! Click here to check out their store! Plus, if you choose any 3 colors from their spring or summer collection as well as the essential liquid you can will get this beautiful iridescent bag and powder brush.

They also have a Facebook group "Secret beauty circle" where they do weekly giveaways of $100+. All are welcome from nail enthusiast to professional, and you can check that out here. 
Here are the 3 dip powders I received as well as the brush to dust off excess.

Pink: 90s Baby
Orange: Atomic Orange
Gree: Goo-getter

The essential liquid typically consists of a bonder base, activator and top coat. This kit also comes with a brush cleaner. 

There are a few different ways to create dip nails. You can adhere an artificial nail tip to your natural nail and then build up the powder to extend your nails, or you can apply it directly to your natural nails. For this review, I simply used the powder on my natural nails, and I used a peel off base coat so I wouldn't have trouble removing them. 
1. Nail prep
If you wanted the nails to last a long time, you would need to file your nails and lightly buff your nail plate to remove any shine. The key word here is "lightly". Any rough buffing to your nails can create lasting damage. This would be the point that you could add your artificial tip if you desired. 
2. Get your materials together
 When doing your own dip nails, you will need to work quickly. I recommned getting your supplies ready and opened. You will only be able to work with one nail at a time. Make sure you have your dip powder container open and ready to go. This process could also be quite messy, so if you are concerned with ruining any surfaces I would recomend working over an old towel or a piece of paper. 
3. Base Liquid and Dip!
Once you have everything together, you can go ahead and get started! As I mentioned, you can only work with one nail at a time because the dip liquid dries so quickly, so you will need to be careful. Apply a thin coat of the base liquid to your entire nail bed, then take the dip powder container and dip your nail in at a 45 degree angle. Let this dry for 30 seconds and then use a brush to dust away any excess. Repeat you all of your nails.
4. Repeat
After you have one coat of the powder on all of your nails, you can apply a second coat by repeating the same steps. Just apply a layer of the base liquid on top of your nail an dip again. Depending on the opacity of the powder you are using, you may want 3 coats. 
5. Activator
After you have all of your nails done how you would like, you will need to paint the activator onto your nails and wait 30 seconds for it to dry before you start filing and buffing the dip.
6. Buffing
Likely you will have some bumps and imperfections in your dip nails that you will want to file and buff out. The kit I received came with both a file and buffing block. Just use them to smooth out your manicure. Use a powder brush to dust away any excess dust. 
7. Top Coat
Once everything is smoothed out how you would like, you will need to add 2 layers of top coat. One layer seals in your powder, and the second layer adds the shine. Wait for everything to dry and you're all set!

If you would like to see my video demonstration, check out this video! 


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