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I was pretty excited when reached out to have me review some of their color changing polishes! Lollipolish sells Bow Nail Polish and Dance Legend Nail Polish on their website. If you decide you are interested in any of these polishes, you can use my code Elizabeth10 for 10% off your purchase! Most of the polishes are color changing or magnetic. Shipping was very fast considering the pandemic delays! The three I will be sharing with you are all color changing. This means that based on different conditions such as UV sunlight or temperature, the polish will change colors! Sounds cool, right? So does it actually work? Let's find out!


Shown here are 3 coats of Miracle. This is both a thermal polish as well as a solar polish. This means it has a color changing effect in both conditions. In this photo it is at its "warm" phase which is a slightly teal-ish white. The formula was super easy to work with, just a little sheer. The holograpic sparkle in this polish was fantastic!

This polish was supposed to turn a deep teal color when exposed to cold. If you would like to see a video of me doing that, click here to watch my YouTube review. Unfortunately I was not able to get this one to turn the color I saw on the website. 

Here is the polish after being exposed to the sun. I was blown away with the dramatic change! I have taken a lot of chemistry in college, but I never learned a reaction for UV color change! If you are interested in seeing a real-time video of this color change, click here to watch my video on YouTube. I am obsessed  and cannot wait to start wearing this one this summer! Between the change in the sun and the holographic sparkle, this will be a highly used polish for sure. Once the your nails are out of the sun, it goes back to the gray-ish shade.


Wind of Change might be my favorite of the 3. This is a tri-thermal polish so it actually has 3 colors that is changes to! Shown here is 2 coats and you are able to see 2 of the colors in this polish. A beautiful cornflower blue and a medium pinkish-purple. This polish gives an instant ombre nail art effect to the nail, no clean-up necessary! 

Here you can see the polish after I ran my hands under cold water. The part of my nail that lays on my nail bed stayed that medium purple, and the tips of my nails that don't touch my nail beds stayed the cold color which is a dark purple. If you want to see the real-time action of the polish under the water, click here. I love that it created an instant french manicure without any effort!


The finally polish is Purity. In its normal state is is this light off-white gray shade. Shown here are 3 coats. The formula was great and easy to work with, just a tad sheer. You could definitely use this one as a topper and it has beautiful holographic flakies. This is a solar changing polish that turns a beautiful deep raspberry shade when exposed to the sun. 

Here is Purity in the sun. Are you kidding me? Look at how beautiful this one ends up turning out? I personally prefer the sun color over its neutral state. Again, if you are interested in seeing a video of the change from white to pink, click here. Once the polish is removed from the sun, it goes back to the white color. I have a feeling this polish will get a lot of use this summer. I live in an area where we don't get consistent sun during the year, so when we do we certainly take advantage!

What do you think of these polishes? Do you like the color changing effect or do you prefer regular polish? Let me know in the comment section! Also feel free to give me any sort of constructive criticism as I am just starting my blog and would love some pointers!

Interested in seeing the live application of these polishes? Check out my YouTube video reviewing these polishes!


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