I have just started a new series of videos on my YouTube channel. It is where I compare similar colored polishes to see the resemblance to each other. There are several reasons to do this. One, is that I have found that a lot of my polishes can look nearly identicle in the bottle, and then completely different from each other once on the nail. 
Also, often polish collections will release a polish that looks very similar to another shade you may already have in your collection. If you are looking to avoid dupes, this series can help you determine what polishes you might not need! 
Another reason to compare polishes could be to compare formulas. If two polishes are nearly an identical shade, perhaps one formula is superior to the other and it can help you make your decison of what polish to purchase.
I am sure there are other reasons to compare polishes, but if you were curious there are just a few! Now let's get into the comparisons! I broke them down into 3 categories: bright berry, grape-y purple, and deep berry. Like a polish you see in this post? Click on the name and it will take you to the link where you can purchase it! Or click here to shop the entire video.(affliate links)


I selected 5 bright berry polishes that looked very similar in their bottles.

Here is the end result. These polishes are clearly extremely similar and it might even be hard to tell them apart, right?

Overall, I think that Zoya Ellie and OPI You're the Shade that I Want are basically exact dupes. Personally my favorite brand is Zoya, so I would reccomend that one. The others are similar but not the same. OPI This is Not Whine Country is completely opaque in 2 coats but has more of a jelly-like formula. OPI Aurora Berry-alis has a more muted rose tone to it. 


My grape-y purple polishes include:

Here are the side-by-side comparisons. I didn't notice any exactly similar polishes for how closely they looked in their bottles. 

I love that there can be so many different variations of the same polish shade. This almost looks like a poorly planned skittle manicure! Do you have any other polishes that would be similar to this lineup?


Here we have:

This lineup was very similar to each other! I love a good deep berry shade for fall and winter.

I think that here the two OPI's are nearly exact duplicates of each other, and very similar formulas. Zoya Ripley could probably be considered a grape-y purple. Rachael and Tara are alike, but not the same. 

I think that comparing similar polishes in my collection is really fun to do. I have often wondered how certain polishes would compare to each other. I will be working on a blog post for my light blue polishes soon! What color would you like to see compared next?

Want to watch my YouTube video featuring this content? Check it out here:


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